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Service form

Does your DeliverEbike require service or maintenance? Did you have an accident or has something been stolen?

Through this form, you can apply for the following:

And you need to report it when:

Important notice: the form only allows one frame-number per form. Do you have multiple DeliverEbikes which require service or maintenance? Send the form per delivery bike individually. Read the service -and maintenance conditions beforehand. Failure to adhere to the conditions may lead to unnecessary expenses. 

Do you have an urgent question? Please send an e-mail to We will respond as soon as possible. You cannot send service requests by e-mail.

Key service

You can request spare keys for your AXA lock safe and quickly through the AXA Key Service. Report to us when you’ve requested the keys through our service form. Do you fail to do so? Then you aren’t insured against theft of your DeliverEbike.

Did you lose the keys or have they been stolen? Fill in the service form to order a new AXA lock.

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