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The DeliverEbike

most durable 
most fun 
way to deliver!

The DeliverEbike

most durable 
most fun 
way to deliver!



DeliverEbike GEN3 delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery

Deliver from €96,- a month!

Discover the fun by delivering with our DeliverEbike!

The most robust electric delivery bike on the market

Frame-height of 53 cm

A perfect fit for every driver

Interchangeable battery

Available in 14 amperes with a 50 to 70 km range.

Fully customizable

We can personalize the color of the frame and provide branding on the frame and the boxes

Schwalbe Marathon Plus anti-puncture tires

Make the DeliverEbike, next to its robust frame, indestructible

A maximum speed of 15 MpH

A 250-Watt front wheel motor with an automatic 2-speed gear

Automatic illumination

2 x front -and rear lighting for good visibility


A theft-prevention lock, including 2 keys

Adjustable saddle-height

Provided with a gel-padding for maximum seating comfort

Front -and rear brake

With a hydraulic brake-disc to guarantee safety even more

Experience all the advantages...

The DeliverEbike reaches a speed of maximum 15 MpH and is quick to accelerate. You’re allowed to drive on the bicycle lanes, which gives you the advantage of avoiding heavy traffic.

Since you don’t need a driver’s license to ride a DeliverEbike, you can employ staff from the age of 15/16.

The parts of the DeliverEbike are carefully chosen or specially developed to create a DeliverEbike that is indestructible.

The DeliverEbikes are 100% electrical, meaning you don’t lose any costs to gasoline or produce harmful emissions. Charging it only costs you €0,0021 per week per battery!

There is no legal requirement for wearing a helmet, and you don’t need a drivers’ license to ride a DeliverEbike.

In many ways, the DeliverEbike looks like a regular bicycle, and comes with a rechargeable battery with which you can deliver for 4 to 6 hours a day!

DeliverEbike Gen2 Taco Mundo delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery

Test the DeliverEbike one week for free!

Discover all Ebike4Delivery has to offer…

They preceded you!

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