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User tips

The functioning of the DeliverEbike

The DeliverEbike is in many ways similar to a regular bicycle and very easy to use.

The DeliverEbike has pedaling support. When you turn on the battery, the pedaling support is automatically activated. You can turn it off by turning the battery off. Then you can use it like a regular bike. The battery will shut itself down after 5 minutes of inactivity. The DeliverEbike shifts automatically, and the lights turn on automatically as well.

So, as you may notice, it’s easy: load your orders into the boxes, step on the bicycle and off you go!

DeliverEbike GEN2 delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery

10 golden tips

Do you want to prevent maintenance and wear as much as possible? Then follow these tips:

DeliverEbike GEN2 McCain delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery

Storing the DeliverEbike

If you don’t have a storage facility inside, please make sure to remove the batteries. Avoid temperatures below -10 °C. Did it rain while the DeliverEbikes were stored outside? Then please wipe the battery contact points in the casing of the bike dry before installing the battery.

Make sure the battery is turned off before placing it back into the frame.voordat je hem terug in de fiets plaatst of uit de fiets haalt. 

Instruction videos

Replacement saddle and seat-clamp

Regular maintenance

Mudguard replacement

Watch all available instruction videos on our

Battery protocol

The Lithium-ion batteries from e-bikes are a source of clean energy. They are getting safer, but also come with many risks. Here you can find a few tips on how to handle the batteries and chargers with precaution.

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