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Service & maintenance

You can apply for service and maintenance through our service form on our website.
Important things to know before you apply for service or maintenance:

  • You must always apply for service through our service form, whenever there’s an issue with the DeliverEbike. Filling in the form wrong may cause delay/unnecessary expenses. Other forms of service request will not be accepted.
  • The form only allows one frame-number per form. Do you have multiple DeliverEbikes which require service or maintenance? Send the form per delivery bike individually. If you didn’t apply service for other bikes, we’ll make a new service appointment for those.

Read the service -and maintenance conditions beforehand. Failure to adhere to the conditions may lead to unnecessary expenses. 


  • We’ll come for service within 24 hours* whenever the DeliverEbike experiences an electrical malfunction which resulted in the bike being unusable.
  • When the DeliverEbikes experiences small defects, but the bike can still be used, we’ll repair this on one of our routes. This won’t be done within 24 hours.
  • You must send us pictures, whenever the boxes or the mounting of the boxes have been damaged.
  • Fill in the contact details of the person who is most available within 16 hours after applying through our service form.
  • Only the subject you applied for service, will be looked at. Make sure you report all the defects.

*Only in the Netherlands. We try to live up to our 24-hour service as much as possible. In the unexpectedly event that we are unable to realize this, no form of compensation is possible.


  • Maintenance appointments are included 4 times a year in your leasing contract. You must apply this yourself (per bike) through our service form. So, we only perform maintenance on your own request.
  • Wearing parts are part of the conditions in the leasing contract (maximum per year: 1 set tires, 4 sets brake pads, 1 brake disc, 1 bike chain, 1 set gears). All other parts or demolished parts are being charged.

During a maintenance-job we check the following:

  • Tires – pressure and profile
  • Steer – play
  • Spokes – rupture and pressure
  • Brakes – tuning or replacement
  • Bottom bracket – play
  • Lights – functionality
  • Stand – tuning and lubrication
  • Chain – pressure and lubrication
  • Lock – functionality
  • Saddle/handlebars – wearing and comfort
  • Boxes – screws and play


  • You’re obligated to send us the European Accident Statement whenever you’ve experienced damage. You can download this here or on the page of the service form.
  • Report damage immediately!

Caution: without the European Accident Statement claim form, you will not be eligible for insurance reimbursement.


Report it to the police when your DeliverEbike has been stolen. You must send us the official statement including the 2 original keys registered. Also, report the theft through our service form. Has your bike been stolen, because you left the keys in? The insurance can refuse reimbursement, which means you’ll have to reimburse yourself. So, make sure you always lock your bike!

Key service

You can request spare keys for your AXA lock safe and quickly through the AXA Key service. Report to us when you’ve requested the keys through our service form. Do you fail to do so? Then you aren’t insured against theft of your DeliverEbike.

Did you lose the keys or have they been stolen? Fill in the service form to order a new AXA lock.

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