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Here you can find the frequently asked questions and their answers:

The range of the battery depends on the amount amperes, the tire pressure, the driving behavior of the driver, the total weight, and the (weather)conditions. You can approximately bike 50 to 70 kilometers with a 14-ampere battery.

The specifications of our boxes are shown here.

The specifications of our batteries are shown here. How you should handle the battery and the battery charger is explained here.

Our complete assortment and redirection to our partners are shown here.

You must apply for service or maintenance through our service form. Also report it to us when the bike has been damaged, has been stolen or when you applied for spare keys through our service form. You’ll need the frame-number of the DeliverEbike concerning to do so. Only one bike per form can be processed. Do you have more bikes that need checking? Then you must send separate forms per bicycle.

The frame-number can be found above the battery-casing, in the battery casing or between the pedals. In case of illegibility, you can use your bicycle-number.

The bicycle-number can be found between the pedals. Not every DeliverEbike has a bicycle-number! In case you neither have your frame -or your bicycle-number, you can pass on your key number to us.

During a maintenance-job we check the following:

  • Tires – pressure and profile
  • Steer – play
  • Spokes – rupture and pressure
  • Brakes – tuning or replacement
  • Bottom bracket – play
  • Lights – functionality
  • Stand – tuning and lubrication
  • Chain – pressure and lubrication
  • Lock – functionality
  • Saddle/handlebars – wearing and comfort
  • Boxes – screws and play

Wearing parts are part of the conditions in the leasing contract (maximum per year: 1 set tires, 4 sets brake pads, 1 brake disc, 1 bike chain, 1 set of gears). All other parts or demolished parts will be charged.

  • Flat tires: you can get that fixed by your local bike mechanic. You don’t need to apply this for service.
  • A broken bell: we send these by mail. You can fill in our service form to request a new one.
  • A broken seat-clamp: we send by mail. You can fill in our service form to request a new one.
  • A defective charger: we send this by mail. You can fill in our service form to request a new one. Tip: often chargers aren’t defective at all, but just need to cool-off for a while. Check our user tips to learn how to handle our battery chargers.
  • Broken stand: we repair this on the route. You can fill in our service form to request a repair.
  • Wrecked parts

We come by for service whenever the DeliverEbike experiences an electrical malfunction which results in the bicycle being unusable. Small defects, such as a broken saddle, will be repaired on one of our routes.

Maintenance appointments are included 4 times a year in your leasing contract. You must apply this yourself (per bike) through our service form. So, we only perform maintenance on request.

You must declare this to the police. You must send us the official declaration including the 2 original keys (required) registered to our headquarters.

You automatically have a theft-insurance if you’re leasing a bike with a €150,- excess for self-negligence per event. It’s important that you send us the 2 original keys and the official declaration registered. It’s not possible to enclose theft-insurance when you buy a DeliverEbike.

You automatically have a damage-insurance if you’re leasing a bike with a €150,- excess for self-negligence per event. It’s important that you enclose the filled-in European Accident Statement. It’s not possible to enclose property-insurance when you’ve bought a DeliverEbike.

You’ll get a replacement bike when the DeliverEbike is unusable or has been stolen. The replacement bike gets delivered to you and exchanged when your own DeliverEbike has been repaired.

  • Flat tires;
  • A broken stand;
  • Damage by not or late reporting of problems or malfunctions;
  • DeliverEbikes that got stolen by not locking the bike;
  • When the DeliverEbike got damaged by self-negligence.

Our ordering process runs as followed:

  1. You’ve accepted our quotation;
  2. Whenever you applied for a leasing contract, your details will be passed on to the leasing company of your choice;
  3. A contract will be made;
  4. You’ve sent the signed contract back to us;
  5. You’ve mailed us the right files for branding purposes (if you chose to do so).
  6. Your order is being processed;
  7. A delivery appointment for your ordered products will be made.

Our products are sent to you as soon as possible after signage of the contract, receiving the payment, and receiving the files for branding.

Contact us for more information about our leasing terms.

Contact us for more information about the terms of buying a DeliverEbike.

Download the branding specifications here.

After the leasing contract, the products return to us. You can choose to close a new leasing contract. It’s not possible to purchase the DeliverEbike at the end of the lease contract. You can also choose to close a buying-contract: you get a whole new bike from us.

You must do a down-payment of €250,- on a refurbished DeliverEbike. These are the terms of and doesn’t count as a deposit. Check the prices and conditions of in their shop.

A comparison between leasing and buying is to be found here.

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